About Gabriel Communications
Gabriel Communications began in 1996 by long-time disc jockey and movie actor, Larry Black. The company specializes in "Reunion Videos." Larry first applied the "Reunion Video" concept to the legends of country music. The idea was simple: Ask the great people who shaped country music to get together and talk about their history, and maybe sing a few songs. From this idea, Country's Family Reunion was born. More than 30 country music legends got together for the first taping to tell their stories and sing their songs. Now, for the first time, this product is available to you, the retailer. Our attractive product and displays are sure to become a favorite attraction for your valued customers.

Since that time, we have continued to produce and market many great reunion products that are cherished by our loyal fan base. We have also launched 2 successful cable television family shows, "Larry's Country Diner" and "Country's Family Reunion". We continue to search for ways to preserve and spotlight the great and colorful performers, both past and present, who made original country music what it is today.

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